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about us

Nature’s Stash is a vertically integrated company that is Seed to Sale, plant to perfection, delivering only the highest quality CBD products that  Mother Nature and science can allow.

We grow and provide the cleanest, most pure extract that selectively targets all of the essential plant compounds such flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids while leaving out all the less quality compounds such as chlorophyll, unwanted lipids and waxes.

Our full spectrum CBD oils, Gummies, and Pet Products never touch harsh solvents such as ethanol, butane, and heptane. EVER. The very vast majority of our competitors can not say the same thing as most of the competitions’ products are bathed in harsh chemicals which are then left to evaporation.

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why nature's stash

Here at Nature’s Stash, our dedicated team is focused on delivering  the highest quality, potency, and result driven hemp extract products on the market to help people find the best version of themselves through this amazing plant.

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Our process

We work with a board certified pain management and rehab (PM&R) specialist from NYU that specialized in regenerative medicine. PM&R doctors are trained to diagnose, treat and control ACUTE PAIN OR CHRONIC PAIN with medications and holistic approaches.

All of our CBD and hemp extract products for humans are DOCTOR FORMULATED and PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE.Our labs in Indiana are FDA Compliant, GMP compliant, purpose built labs. Our formulator has 20 plus years experience in working for national cannabis and cosmetic brands.


Our products contain all of the “minors” of the plants to create entourage effect that will maximize benefits. Competitor’s products contain one or two cannabinoids, reducing the effect.

the farm

All Nature's Stash Hemp is locally grown on our farm in Indiana. 100% organic, no harmful pesticides.

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