Nature's Stash is the CBD Hemp Extract Gold Standard! Setting the Gold Standard in Hemp Extracts… Highest quality medical grade products for you and your pets Order Now Nature’s Stash,
the highest quality CBD for you and your pets!
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Nature’s Stash’s mission is to provide the Gold Standard in high quality hemp extracts to reduce the dependency on big pharma while providing people an opportunity to earn money and live their best life. Simply put, Plants Over Pills is deep as our roots!

Our Mission- Plants Over Pills


All of our CBD oil, gummy, and lotion products are sourced through natural growing methods and contain no pesticides.
Each one is certified lab tested, so you know exactly what you are getting, every time.
We utilize NANO-TECHNOLOGY for the greatest absorption into your body.
Pharmaceutical Grade CBD and Hemp Extract, with unmatched competition.
Doctor Formulated and potency GUARANTEED

Custom Formulations

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Get the full benefits of the best CBD and hemp extract with our natural CBD products. From balms, gummies and tinctures, Nature's Stash products are made from only the highest quality CBD extracts. Nature's Stash products are made with NANO-TECHNOLOGY for maximum absorption into the body.
We set the Gold Standard.


Our best CBD products are certified by DEA Registered lab tested and guaranteed potency and concentrations. To help you find the right product with the right ingredients, we have all of our lab tests organized in one place. You can quickly read the QR Code on any of our products to find out more.


Nature's Stash selects the genetics, grows, maintains, harvests and drys our hemp product. We hang dry and cure our product in God's natural air. We do not flash dry, use high heat, or dry in anything other than open air to dry our plants. - "Setting the Gold Standard"


Nature Stash CBD is sourced through natural growing methods and contain no pesticides or additives. We offer natural and full-spectrum CBD oil extracts with all the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flabonoids and none of the bad stuff!-- Setting the Gold Standard in CBD and hemp extracts.


See the lab results for all of our products.

nature's Stash- "Setting the gold standard" in quality hemp extracts

Founded in 2019, 1Plant LLC started growing for the 2020 season in Indianapolis. With approximately 6000 plants of CBD, CBC and other test varietals the outcome for quality was off the charts. We are dedicated to helping our affiliates and the customers we serve live their best life.

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How Nature’s Stash is Setting the Gold Standard

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