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Whether you’re a physical storefront, online reseller, or both, you can enjoy wholesale discounts on Nature’s Stash Premium CBD products.

Low Minimum Orders

Our minimum purchase is only $250, with no per-SKU minimums, allowing you to try different products in your store before committing to larger orders.

Save on Taxes

Your business may be eligible for Tax Exempt Status when purchasing wholesale from Nature’s Stash. Click the link to view & fill-out the PDF form.

Important Notice

You must have an active, verifiable retail store in order to apply. please double check to make sure all information is complete and accurate before submitting.

Due to high demand and limited bandwidth during the COVID-19 crisis, the submission of incomplete or unverifiable information will delay or end our review of your application and we cannot promise a second review of your information at this time. Thank you for understanding.

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