Infinity THC-O Vape Pens (5-Pack)

Infinity THC-O Vape Pens (5-Pack)


5-Pack of Infinity THC-O vaping oil, available in 4 Flavors. Each 1000mg vape cartridge contains 50mg of Terpenes and 950 mg of premium rare cannabinoids.


🇺🇸 Made in USA.
Ships from Sanitized US Facility.

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Product Details

Disposable and rechargeable cartridges produced in CGMP compliant labs.

What is THC-O?

THC-O (sometimes spelled THCo or ATHC) is short for THC-O-Acetate — it’s a powerfully psychoactive synthetic analog of THC.

THC-O produces a similar high to other forms of THC but with a much more psychedelic flavor. Low doses feel virtually identical to Delta 9 THC, moderate doses are nearly psychedelic in the visuals and headspace it creates, and higher doses can become incapacitating.


At this time, this product can only be sold in Bulk Packaging, hence the 5-Pack requirement. Thank you for your understanding as we are compliant to any/all regulations. If/when we can sell Infinity THC-O vape pens individually, we’ll do so right away and post a notification on our social media channels.


Start small. As with any other product, take a small amount, wait 30-60 minutes to see how it affects you, then adjust. Don’t overdo it and do not operate machinery, a vehicle or take while pregnant.

*The Threshold dose for THC-O (the minimum dose needed to produce noticeable psychoactive effects) is roughly 0.5 mg inhaled.

Organically Grown

Lab Tested

Pesticide Free


USA Grown Hemp

SOCIAL Reviews


Great product and awesome people!!! Wouldn’t want to get my dog treat or CBD from anyone else!!!

– Brandon K.

via Facebook
Item Reviewed CBD Dog Treats

I’ve tried the Cloud-9 last night to sleep. Best night sleep I’ve had in a long time. I did not wake up at all. 2 drops––not dropper.

– insanes_angel

via Instagram
Item Reviewed Cloud-9 CBN

I’ve had positive reviews only from my clients so far! #Quality is spot on ??

– catchtis

via Instagram
Item Reviewed Company

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