Cloud-9 CBN Sleep Formula

Cloud-9 CBN Sleep Formula


Nature’s Stash proprietary CBN and home grown CBD  sleep formula is designed for the folks that have a hard time getting on Cloud-9 and a restful night’s sleep.

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Product Details

Nature’s Stash CBN Sleep Formula is designed for the folks that have a hard time getting on Cloud 9 and a restful night’s sleep.

CBN is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that interacts with both CB1 and CB2 receptors and is most notably known for its potently sedative properties; which is better for sleep. 

All of our human products use Nano-Technology for maximum absorption.



Shake Well! Apply under tongue and hold it there for 1-2 minutes.

Dose: 1 ml, containing 10MG of cbd, 10MG of CBN. Check out our COA under the home page (three dots at top under info)

Servings: 30

Recommended Dose: Take one full sample size dropper of Cloud9 Sleep Formula 30 Minutes before bed. If desired, take on half (.5) more sample size dropper until desired effect.

Effect: The correct dose of Cloud-9 Sleep Formula will afford you a great night’s sleep! Too much Cloud-9 CBN for sleep will have reverse affect, causing restlessness!  With Cloud-9 Sleep Formula, less is more!

Dosage – 1/4 Dropper, 30 minutes before bed

Less Is More! However, if the effects aren't stable with a minimum dose, gradually increase as needed. If you use too much of the Cloud 9 CBN, it will have the OPPOSITE Effect and may cause restlessness.

The JOURNAL OF CANNABINOID MEDICINE states that the therapeutic effects of CBN may be useful for addressing a host of ailments including ocular pressure, inflammation, bone health, appetite loss, convulsant behavior, high blood pressure as well as skin conditions and MRSA. Since we are a forward thinking company we focused on growing a specialized strain yielding a higher than normal CBC, compound this should have great effect for our customers.

Nature’s Stash CBD oil tinctures helps with anxiety and moves you toward homeostasis while balancing your body and lifestyle staying 100% sober and clear. Our Tinctures are derived from domestically grown, organic hemp, extracted in their state-of-the-art CO2 facility located in Indiana. One of the most leak proof bottles on the market.

Extracted with sub critical CO2 and no harsh solvents (methane, Butane, ethanol), leaving you with the highest quality most pure extracts that technology and mother nature can make.

Video Testimonials

Cloud 9 Video Testimonials
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She's 60: Better Quality of Life
She's 60: Better Quality of Life
Kimberly: Sleeping Through the Night
Kimberly: Sleeping Through the Night
Heather: Better REM Sleep with Cloud 9 CBN
Heather: Better REM Sleep with Cloud 9 CBN
Cody: Feeling Completely Energized
Cody: Feeling Completely Energized
Wife (Ali): Best Night's Sleep
Wife (Ali): Best Night's Sleep
Raphael: Never Slept Better
Raphael: Never Slept Better

Organically Grown

Lab Tested

Pesticide Free


USA Grown Hemp

SOCIAL Reviews


I’ve tried the Cloud-9 last night to sleep. Best night sleep I’ve had in a long time. I did not wake up at all. 2 drops––not dropper.

– insanes_angel

via Instagram
Item Reviewed Cloud-9 CBN

…the Cloud-9 really helped put me to sleep last night, and the Muscle Cream worked wonders on my neck.

– Matt T.

via Facebook
Item Reviewed Cloud-9 CBN, CBD Muscle Rub

I’ve had positive reviews only from my clients so far! #Quality is spot on ??

– catchtis

via Instagram
Item Reviewed Company

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