Sample Pack – Delta 8, Cloud 9 CBN & Balance CBD Oils

Sample Pack – Delta 8, Cloud 9 CBN & Balance CBD Oils


Sample pack of our 1000MG Full Spectrum balance formula, Delta8, and Cloud 9 sleep formula (CBD & CBN). Doctor Formulated, Nano Tech, to deliver better absorption into your body so you need less. This is the most potent and pure product that Mother Nature and science can make. Even pharmaceutical companies are using our group!


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Serving size= 1/4ml or one full sample size dropper

Achieve balance with our 1000MG sample size, Fly high with Delta8, and Sleep on Cloud 9.

*Delta8 – Each sample size dropper (1/4ml serving) contains 10mg of Delta 8. There are 8 serving in this bottle.  This provides a euphoric effect and should not be taken while driving, operating machinery, if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Delta8 Usage: Take 1-1.5 droppers under tongue and hold for 1-2 minutes. Shake it before you take it. Doctor Formulated, Nano-Tech.

Balance Formula – Each sample size dropper contains 17mg of cannabinoids. There are 8 servings in this bottle, each consisting of 1/4ml servings.

      Balance Usage: Take 1-4 droppers per day as needed.

Cloud9 – This product contains CBN and CBD.  CBN is a cannabinoid with sedative traits and   It has been described of allowing your body to achieve many more hours of REM sleep than the average of 90 minutes

There are 8 servings in this bottle, each consisting of 1/4ml servings.

       Cloud 9 Usage: Take half to full sample dropper 45 minutes before bed. Start small and then add 1/2 dropper as needed. If use is more then recommended, it may have opposite effect and keep you up  start small and then add 1/2 dropper a night until desired results are achieved.


Organically Grown

Lab Tested

Pesticide Free


USA Grown Hemp

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– AWonderDog

via Instagram
Item Reviewed Company

Great product and awesome people!!! Wouldn’t want to get my dog treat or CBD from anyone else!!!

– Brandon K.

via Facebook
Item Reviewed CBD Dog Treats

I’ve tried the Cloud-9 last night to sleep. Best night sleep I’ve had in a long time. I did not wake up at all. 2 drops––not dropper.

– insanes_angel

via Instagram
Item Reviewed Cloud-9 CBN

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