CBN for Sleep: Does it Really Work?

People who are suffering from sleep-related issues are starting to warm up to CBN for sleep. Like most other cannabinoids found in hemp, CBN or cannabinol has some amazing properties and might be used as a holistic product.

Nature’s Stash Cloud-9 CBN is just one example of a great hemp item that can be used to improve sleep. However, most of these products have other ingredients as well.

For example, they might contain CBD, CBG, CBC, making them wholesome, natural power bombs! Needless to say, when you administer such a substance, you can gain some additional benefits beyond improved sleep.

In this article, we will talk more about CBN for sleep and how it might help your nighttime issues. Check it out!

What is CBN?

CBN is one of the numerous cannabinoids that can be found in hemp and cannabis. Although it is very potent by itself, it can reach new heights when combined with other substances. At least, this is what most hemp experts claim.

According to them, cannabinoids should attain synergy in order to provide optimal effects. In other words, you need to use all cannabinoids at the same time, together with some other substances found in hemp. That way, you will create an “entourage effect.”

Although each cannabinoid substance has its set of properties, CBN stands out as the optimal one for sleep-related issues. This is because cannabinol should have amazing sedative properties.

In fact, scientists theorize that CBN is perhaps the main reason why we get “couch-effect” when smoking certain strains of cannabis. Cannabinol studies are still ongoing, and we need to learn much more about this chemical compound.

However, everything we’ve seen so far indicates that this substance might become a valuable asset in the future for improving sleep patterns.

What type of CBN products are out there?

Like with CBD, CBN can be packaged in various ways.

You can use it to make capsules, edibles, and many other things. However, most companies sell it as CBN oil.

If you’re using the product to counter sleep-related issues, the oil will have to be administered sublingually. CBN oil for sleep has strong sedative properties and should be able to provide strong results in a short amount of time.

There are 2 types of cannabinol oil products that we want to mention in this article: full-spectrum CBN oil and broad-spectrum CBN oil.

Full-spectrum oil has a plethora of cannabinoids and other substances. These products have the same cannabinoid profile as the hemp plant. Because of that, you will get the full entourage effect when using them.

On the other hand, broad-spectrum products are the same as full-spectrum with one minor difference: they don’t have THC.

The reason why companies make broad-spectrum products is so that the consumers would feel safer when using the medicinal hemp. But, there are a lot of indications that THC is crucial for creating an entourage effect.

The chemical compound carries some other potential benefits, and it is able to bind to the endocannabinoid system. So, while some people perceive the substance to be dangerous, the potential benefits vastly outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Furthermore, the US government doesn’t allow the sales and distribution of medicinal hemp products that have more than 0.3% THC content (which isn’t enough to get high).

How does CBN work for sleep?

We’ve already mentioned that CBN has the potential as a sleeping aid. But how does it actually work? What can we expect?

CBN has sedative properties that would cause a “couch-lock” effect. In other words, a person using these products would become completely mellow and static. This is especially important for people who are having sleep issues due to increased stress.

While the product doesn’t tackle sleep problems or insomnia directly, it is able to relax a person, thus creating a secondary effect.

For example, if your sleeping disorder is caused by some mental issues, Alzheimer’s, overactive thyroid, or something of that type, CBN will not be able to help that much. However, if the issue is caused by stress, noise, jet lag, cold or uncomfortable bed, CBN suddenly becomes much more potent.

Keep in mind that CBN isn’t and shouldn’t be a treatment for insomnia. No matter what, you should always consult with a doctor prior to addressing a medical issue and starting any type of therapy.

By using CBN, you should be able to go to sleep faster, to have an uninterrupted sleep, and to wake up feeling refreshed.

Are there any other benefits to CBN oil?

Cannabinoids have a very complex impact on our bodies. This is why they are sometimes hard to analyze and research.

Most of our evidence is based on user experience; you would have to consult other medicinal hemp users or to try the products yourself to get a better picture of CBN oil. Based on what we’ve seen so far, whether it’s based on empiric or scientific data, here are some things that cannabinol oil can help you with:

  • Restores natural harmony
  • Increases energy levels
  • May relieve minor physical discomfort, soreness, and fatigue
  • Can improve your memory and focus
  • CBN oil may improve your appetite
  • The product can be good for stress
  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin (when used topically)

Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Medicinal hemp products have incredible potential, and we might use these items for some other problems in the near future.

CBN safety concerns and potential side effects

Medicinal hemp products are generally regarded as safe. If there are any side effects, they might come in the form of dry mouth, change in appetite, drowsiness, etc.

However, most of these issues are regarded as minor, and they should end as soon as you stop using the product. Still, if some of them do persist, we suggest that you contact a medical practitioner immediately.

As already mentioned, CBN oil shouldn’t get you high, nor should you expect any psychedelic effects. If you have any additional questions about the product or its safety, make sure to contact Nature’s Stash today!

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